DAVE ARTHUR – Consultant
Favourite song in the repertoire:  Come Fly With Me

Dave has been a freelance self-employed musician since he graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Music (University of Ottawa) in 1977.  His career has taken him all over the world as a trombonist, bassist, vocalist, and musical arranger. 
Throughout his career, Dave has experienced numerous musical adventures.  This classically trained trombonist spent most of his early days playing with many rock groups and showbands.  In 1980, he became a civilian on contract with the RCMP Band and is currently a member of the RCMP Northwest Mounted Dixie Group.  He has done arrangements for groups as varied as the Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces and The Memphis Mafia, a Las Vegas style showband active from 2001 to 2008 in the Ottawa area.  For a number of years, he was a writer for the Sesame Street television show.  Playing in a variety of bands for many industry stars, Natalie Cole and Bobby Lalonde among them, and working in many international ventures (including show tours to Europe, Bosnia, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, and Alert - in Canada’s High Arctic - for the Department of National Defense) keep Dave quite busy.
His freelance status now finds him involved in various local and travelling stage shows and musical groups that, in total, demand all of his experience and skills.  Come fly with him behind The Wild Cards’ scenes.

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SYLVIE DIONNE – Production Assistant
Favourite song in the repertoire: C’est Si Bon

If you ask Sylvie, while she’s running around handling myriad details to make the band look and sound good, “How’s life?”, she’ll respond with “C’est si bon.”.  Sylvie is responsible for everything from assisting with the setup and teardown, to making sure the stage is clean, to installing our banner(s), to using a stopwatch to make sure we’re on track, and she is a joy to have around.  Anything she doesn’t know, she learns quickly.  She’s punctual and dependable, and c’est si bon for the wild ones that she loves music and is part of our team.

Meet the Band

Favourite song in the repertoire: The Hustle
John is a retired software test engineer, who trained once upon a time as an electronics technologist back in the days when analog was king.  John had an interest in audio and electronics from an early age and was a DJ for several years back when records and cassettes were all that there was and before CDs and digital were on the horizon.  John has been the sound-tech for one of Ottawa's best rock and pop dance-cover bands for the last few years, and welcomed the chance to expand his horizons and hustle with the big snake and the big board that come with a big band like The Wild Cards.

TIM GOBUYAN – Graphic Designer (tgobuyan@gmail.com)
Favourite song in the repertoire: Mission Impossible

The gift of music was not bestowed on Tim, but he is most definitely an artist as well as a valued resource.  Tim’s energy and initiative have been to our benefit from the first time we settled on a name for the band.  He never flagged in his desire to learn about music and his openness to feedback resulted in our business cards always being favourably commented upon.  His willingness to help with the smallest details and share his knowledge have – and continue to be – greatly appreciated.  We are fortunate that “mission impossible” translates to a challenge for his creative mind.