The Wild Cards’ name lends itself well to its motto: love it live.  Formed with the aim of performing and promoting old and new styles of big band music in and around the Ottawa area, the line-up is comprised of a passionate group of seasoned performers brought together by their shared love of music. 

The Wild Cards may be Ottawa's newest big band, but its members weren’t born yesterday . . . these performers have over 700 years of combined experience!  This mix of professionals, retired career musicians, and talented amateurs has performed, recorded, and toured extensively and the adventure continues.

Whether you like saxophones, trumpets, trombones, any of the rhythm instruments, or are a fan of vocalists, this band has something to offer.  Band members have a keen interest in playing a variety of music styles so expect familiar and classic favourites from jazz to swing to Latin to rock to pop.  The band’s goal is to entertain and there are lots of toys in The Wild Cards’ toybox!

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Love it live!