Favourite song in the repertoire:  That’s The Way (I Like It) – from KC & The Sunshine Band Medley
Robert took up the drums at age 12, starting with rudimental drumming and moving on to kit playing in his late teens.  He has since enjoyed a diverse musical experience, from new wave to classic rock, from lounge jazz to new country.  He also delved into more traditional music stylings as drummer with The Radio Kings and with Pat Moore.  Bob travelled around the world as back-up drummer for the Cirque du Soleil production Quidam, touring China, Mexico, Europe, the UK, and South America.  He performs regularly with Ball and Chain and the Wreckers, as well as local zydeco band The Vanier Playboys.  He is a member of the Grey Jazz Big Band and often subs in with Standing Room Only and Aardvark Big Band.  Having drumsticks in his hands is the way Bob likes it and he is thrilled to be the regular back-up drummer for The Wild Cards.​


Favourite song in the repertoire: Mas Que Nada
Influenced by George Benson, who took up the guitar at age 8 and started recording at age 9, Ross is a Humber graduate who moved back to Ottawa and is now teaching at Alcorn Music Studios.  With his “surf green” Fender, Ross is a welcome addition to any rhythm section but especially that of The Wild Cards.  Ross and a guitar in his hand . . . Mas Que Nada (Say No More)!


Favourite song in the repertoire:  Fun, Fun, Fun

After a decade away, Margaret is thrilled to be back in Ottawa and enjoying its thriving music scene and spectacular outdoors.  Margaret had lots of fun playing clarinet and saxophone in high school, and would have given up on piano if her ballet teacher had not invited her to become a pianist back in the day when even neighbourhood dance schools had live pianists.  That led to a series of adventures including an ARCT in piano performance with the Royal Conservatory of Music, an eventual dive into jazz nurtured by a series of wonderfully patient instructors, and most recently having a blast performing with bandmates in local jazz groups.  Fun, Fun, Fun is an accurate description for Margaret’s return and she’s happy to be considered a wild one.


Favourite song in the repertoire: Down to the Nightclub
Sarah traces her jazz roots to her high school where, at  age 12, she auditioned for her school’s wind ensemble and, to her surprise, was also selected for the jazz band.  Although she had no idea what jazz music was (true story!), she was eager and excited to learn.  Sarah now has several years’ experience playing electric bass and double bass in  jazz bands, orchestras, and wind ensembles around the city.  She has been a member of the Nepean All-City Jazz Band, and has played with the U of O Community Concert Band, Standing Room Only, and the Ottawa New Horizons Two Beats Ahead Jazz Band.  No “Down To The Nightclub” for this girl!  She currently performs with the Ottawa Chamber Orchestra and the Ottawa Wind Ensemble, and is delighted with her newest role: big band charts with The Wild Cards. 

Favourite song in the repertoire:  Fascination

Bill remembers eagerly sitting behind his first set of drums when he was a kid.  That enthusiasm took hold and never let go. Now, decades later, he’s still fascinated by the intricacies of this complex instrument.  He strives to play as musically as possible, supporting every group he’s with and enabling other players to shine.  He plays a wide variety of musical styles in several Ottawa-based bands and is always seeking new opportunities.  His fascination with The Wild Cards equals ours with him!


Favourite song in the repertoire: A Day In The Life Of A Fool

Growing up in Ottawa, Mark’s musical career started in 1975 when he began oboe studies.  He became interested in playing the electric bass several years later and, over the next three+ decades, Mark kept himself busy with many ensembles while enjoying a career in the television industry.  No fool this boy!  In 2007, Mark decided to pursue an Honour’s degree in Music at the University of Ottawa.  Since retiring several years ago, Mark now spends most of his time playing in several musical groups as well as working as a music engraver/copyist.  Mark is thrilled to be a member of The Wild Cards.

Favourite song in the repertoire:  I’m A Believer

Steve has been playing the piano since he was six years old.  Growing up, he was that kid who got called inside by mom to practice.  Thirty minutes a day.  No excuses.  There were plenty of tears, but something happened along the way: he got better.  And the practice sessions became enjoyable.  As a teenager, he began devouring music and developed a long-lasting love.  After performing and teaching for years, Steve recently branched out and started playing for musical productions.  He is a firm believer that playing a musical instrument is an exercise in love.

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Favourite song in the repertoire: You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Alf has always been an enthusiastic amateur musician.  Childhood piano lessons gave way to playing guitar in a teenage rock and roll band, but that was laid aside so he could concentrate on his education and vocation.  During his career as an acoustician, music remained a hobby with a focus on playing traditional Celtic dance music on tenor banjo.  After retiring in 2006, he changed his focus to jazz.  If you ever think you’ve got Alf figured out, think again because you ain’t seen nothin’!  He plays guitar, electric upright bass, tenor and baritone saxophones, and is always looking for a new way to surprise us.

Favourite song in the repertoire: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

David was a full-time musician in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.  He played in several local bands, including Atlantis (which performed on Parliament Hill on July 1, 1981) and Exit 18 (which won an MTV video award).  David also taught classical and popular music, and composed scores for TV shows and TV shows.  Later in life, David grew up, cut his hair and got a real job.  He had a successful career as a translator and editor, then moved into IT.  He is now retired and back into music full time, oriented mostly around playing and composing jazz  He has performed with a variety of musical ensembles, notably at the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival, the Merrickville Jazz Festival, the NAC Fourth Stage, the Shenkman Centre, and many local venues.  Papa’s got a brand new bag now: playing with The Wild Cards!



Favourite song in the repertoire: How Sweet It Is
Hailing from Hakodate, Japan, Shinya relocated to Ottawa in 1997 and has been actively involved in the Ottawa music scene ever since. He plays piano with many, mostly smaller, groups in the area but How Sweet It Is that he’s always available when we reach out.  His big smile and sunny personality, in addition to his talent, are always welcome.

Favourite song in the repertoire:  Fascinating Rhythm

The backbone of our rhythm section, Greg became fascinated with the drums at an early age.  After banging on anything and everything, studies with the famous Jim Blackley helped Greg develop a musical drumming style.  Now an in-demand drummer and teacher, Greg plays in numerous bands spanning a wide range of styles and venues, and he considers himself fortunate to have shared the stage with some successful nationally and locally well-known musicians.  His innate ability to capture all styles of music is to our benefit.


Favourite song in the repertoire: Where or When

Mondher is an avid guitarist who loves to play jazz, fusion and rock.  After stints with the Brian Downey Big Band and Big Band Caravane, he now plays with Big Band Ottawa, Draconova, and Wired.  Mondher’s only questions when called to sub with The Wild Cards are “Where?” and “When?”!!!