​​​​Grace St. Andrews United Church                                                      December 3, 2016
"What a wonderful group - such a lovely mix of jazz and Christmas music."​
"So nice to have a band in the church that can really rattle the rafters! A great sound!"
"We'll have to have the band back in the church hall so that we can have a dance." 
"The most enjoyable afternoon I've had in a long time. That singer can really belt it! "
"I really enjoyed your concert. You were all awesome!"
"I got lost en route to Arnprior and rolled in late - Glad I got there though, your band is AWESOME!"
​​​​​Barrhaven Legion                                                                                  October 21, 2016
"We’re not steak eaters so didn’t want to come out, but bowed to our friends’ request and loved every minute of the music." 
​"The band provided an extensive repertoire and it was exactly what we were hoping for.  We danced all night!"
​"We were touched when the singer thanked all who served and who are currently serving.  We will recommend you."
​"As a singer elsewhere, it was fantastic to appreciate the band from the dance floor - the sound was perfect. Guests loved it and were really impressed with the professionalism."

Granite Ridge Care Community                                                          September 17, 2016
"A BIG thank you to all of the band for helping us out on this event"
RCAF Officers' Mess  - Private event                                                   July 23, 2016

"A lovely evening.  I wish we could have stayed longer."
"You’re doing well for only one year on the music scene.  Keep up your hard work."
"We really enjoyed the swing tunes.  Maybe the full big band could play at another time?"

Blackburn Fun Fair                                                                                 June 4, 2016
"Caught the band at last year’s fair.  Pleased to see and hear how the group is evolving."
"Loved the movie theme and the enthusiasm with which everything was presented."
"What a terrific way to spend an hour; this was fantastic!"

​1st Anniversary Concert/Out of the Cold Fundraiser                      May 29, 2016
​Knox Presbyterian Church            

"Congratulations on a job very well done."
"People were not sure what to expect but were very pleasantly surprised."
"Nothing but praise for The Wild Cards and the event as a whole."
"Definitely want the group to celebrate their 2nd anniversary with us."

​​Knights of Columbus Hall                                                                     May 6, 2016
"Started off really well.  Wish we could have stayed longer."
"You are destined to make it big."

​​Vanier Legion                                                                                          April 10, 2016

"AWESOME would definitely be the key word. You guys/gals were amazing.”
“ I am so looking forward to meeting with your group in the future.  You ROCK.”
“I will be paying the highest recommendations on your skill set and energy.”
“I see the beginnings of a beautiful partnership.”
​​Greenfields Pub & Eatery                                                                     October 19, 2015 
"Great to hear some old standards and arrangements of other stuff as well!"
​"Enjoyed the music...was a fun time."
​"Great evening.  The best the band had played so far!"
​"Only 6 months old?  Great job and thanks for the invite. "
 Accora Village  - Resident Appreciation Event                                  July 25, 2015
“I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you all so very much for making this happen.”
“Lots of positive feedback from our residents.  They really enjoyed you guys!”
"Tunes were a perfect accompaniment to our lunch, thank you."
"You are a lovely band and you sound so great."
 Blackburn FunFair                                                                                 June 6, 2015
"Wish we could hear more bands like yours!"
"A trip down memory lane is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon."
"Fans of this music will be glad you’re on the scene; love your business cards."
Bass Line Station - Food Bank Fundraiser                                         April 25, 2015
“THE biggest band to ever appear on our stage; what a wonderful experience!”
“We had a full house and people are still talking about the event.”
“Thanks to you, we decided to change our mission statement to include ‘all genres of live music’!”
The Crazy Horse                                                                                     April 11, 2015
"What a surprise to take a break from shopping and have a bite to eat in front of a live big band.
It was lovely to dance again to a a song (Bandstand Boogie) that we danced to as teenagers in the 1950s."
“Pleased staff and customers, thank you.”

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​Come hear us play


DANCE with the POCKET BAND at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre
411 Dovercourt Ave., Ottawa / No cover 
Sunday, May 26, 2019  / 6:30 – 8:30 PM 
​Featuring the vocals of Pauline Proulx

NOSTALGIA NIGHT with the pocket at the Blackburn FunFair
Community fairground, 190 Glen Park Drive, Ottawa 
Friday, May 31, 2019 / 6:30 - 9:30 PM / No cover
Featuring the vocals of Mike Murphy and Wendy Martin 


​​​CASINO NIGHT with the pocket at the Red Oak Retirement Home 
Thursday, May 9, 2019, featuring the vocals of Wendy Martin and Mike Murphy 

PRIVATE EVENT  the pocket at the Beacon Heights Retirement Residence 
Sunday, May 5, 2019 featuring the vocals of Pauline Proulx

4th anniversary BIG BAND concert-dance/Out of the Cold Fundraiser
Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Elgin, Ottawa 
Saturday, April 27, 2019 / 2:00 - 4:00 PM
​Featuring the vocals of Malcolm Wade​

DANCE with the POCKET BAND at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre
411 Dovercourt Ave., Ottawa / No cover 
Sunday, March 31, 2019  / 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Featuring the vocals of John Graham

DANCE to both bands at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre
102 Greenview Ave., Ottawa
Saturday, February 9, 2019 / 7:30 – 10:30 PM 
Featuring the vocals of Peter Liu

“Talk about a transformation!  I was expecting to hear swing all night and was delighted by the eclectic repertoire.”
“Awesome.  I’d never experienced the sound of a real big band before and I loved it.”
“A dynamic and versatile performance by this band.  I’m looking forward to more.”
“Sit back and relive moments.  That’s what I did all night.  I loved the selections.

DANCE with the POCKET BAND at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre
411 Dovercourt Ave., Ottawa / No cover  
Sunday, January 27, 2019 / 6:30 – 8:30 PM
​Featuring the vocals of Mike Murphy and Wendy Martin

“Not into rap or screamers.  Loved your variety and your singers.”
“Well-chosen, well-balanced songs presented in a well-paced way.  I was an audio tech in my youth and, now that I’m wearing hearing aids, I just want to say BRAVO!”
“I was dragged out to this show...free means not good enough to charge money, right?...how wrong I was.  It was my first time checking out this band, but not my last.  I didn’t regret a minute and will be a fan for life.”
“I loved the sparkle.  Good decision to add lights, and great costume choices.”

BATTLE OF THE BIG BANDS!  The Wild Cards and Big Band Ottawa 
Greenfields, 900 Greenbank Road, Ottawa 
Sunday, November 11, 2018, featuring the vocals of Pauline Proulx

“Highest regards to you for how you handled this sensitive day.”
“I was there for the original battles and I loved that your band stuck to the music from back then.”
“It being the 100th anniversary of Armistice, I enjoyed all of the references and was delighted to hear Tie A Yellow Ribbon as your last song.  It was fitting for today’s veterans.”
“Thank you for creating such a memorable event.  We’re looking forward to the next battle!”

DANCE with the POCKET BAND at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre
411 Dovercourt Ave., Ottawa
Sunday, October 28 , 2018, featuring the vocals of Fiona George​​

“Your ability to switch genres is effortless and much appreciated.”
“Wonderful music.  It’s sad that so much of the next generation’s introduction to music is mostly through screaming guitars.”
“I attended this event to indulge a friend and ended up being blown away by the entire experience.”
“All ages were there and all had so much fun!”

Seniors' Dance with the POCKET BAND at the Orléans Y
265 blvd Centrum Blvd
Saturday, October 13, 2018, featuring the vocals of Fiona George​​

“We were thrilled that you learned YMCA especially for us.  Thank you so much!”
“The styles chosen and the flow were absolutely perfect.  I hope to see more dancers the next time.”
“What a pleasure to see, and hear, the gym transformed this afternoon!”
“Everyone was impressed by the professionalism of the band and the quality of the music.”

Ottawa Swing Dance Society with the BIG BAND 
St-Joseph’s Parish, 174 Wilbrod, Ottawa 
Friday, October 12, 2018, featuring the vocals of Pauline Proulx
“The music and the energy in the room was great.”
“Amazing!  Every single person was dancing at some point.”
“We didn’t know what to expect from your band because you’re so new to the Ottawa swing scene, but we weren’t disappointed.”
“You played to the crowd and kept everyone engaged, and that’s not easy with this group!”

DANCE with the POCKET BAND at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre
Sunday, June 24, 2018 – theme: Rock 'n' Roll
Featuring the vocals of Mike Murphy

​3rd anniversary BIG BAND concert-dance/Out of the Cold Fundraiser
Knox Presbyterian, 120 Elgin, Saturday, May 12, 2018
Featuring the vocals of Peter Liu

​“Amazing band.  Delightful to see a church dance floor packed in the middle of the afternoon!”
“Every musician was just phenomenal. I am a musician and a lot of guests were, and we/they were just blown away by the professional quality of the sound.”
“The band received countless compliments after they played and all were well-deserved.  They completely exceeded my expectations.”
“This band is talented and tight, and they sounded amazing.  Guests left on a high note!”
"I grew up listening to the big band sound during and after World War II.  The Wild Cards need and deserve more publicity and public appreciation as, so far as I know, it is the only big band worthy of comparison with the late Dorsey brothers, Miller, Beneke, Brown and many others whose names remain engraved in my fading memory."​​

DANCE with the POCKET BAND at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre
Sunday, April 29, 2018 – theme: Swing into Spring
Featuring the vocals of Pauline Proulx

​​​​​DANCE with the POCKET BAND at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre
Sunday, February 25, 2018 – theme: Nostalgia
Featuring the vocals of Fiona George

2nd Anniversary Concert/Out of the Cold Fundraiser                    April 30, 2017
​Knox Presbyterian Church, featuring the vocals of Rory McGlynn​
"My toes are still tapping. Hope the 3rd anniversary has a dance floor."
"Merci d'avoir contribué à cet après-midi inoubliable. Au plaisir de vous revoir."
"I sincerely hope this experience can be renewed!"
"It's nice to see the musicians having as much fun as the crowd."